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Speaking to the Media

Speaking to the Media

Being able to effectively speak to the media is an essential skill, especially if the information you need to convey is challenging. It is important to know how to answer tough questions so that you can relay critical information, authoritatively and with a genuine sense of transparency.

Through our one-to-one Speaking to the Media coaching, you will develop the skills to anticipate an interviewer’s perspective, needs and potential questions. You will receive extensive on-camera practice, thorough videotape review, and valuable feedback about how you present yourself. As a result, whenever a media interview takes place, you’ll be confident and prepared.

Through this program, you will:

  • Appear confidently on camera and video (Skype)
  • Develop memorable, succinct messages
  • Deliver accurate sound bites

Target audience:

  • C-level Executives and Board Members
  • Leaders who have become spokespersons for their firm or non-profit
  • Legal counsel in private or public practice

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