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Our Results

Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC has successfully developed high performance, transformational leaders in numerous countries throughout the globe. The diverse industries we work with include: technology, biotech, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education, political consulting and non-profit organizations.

We have helped our clients achieve these results:


CEO and Successful Entrepreneur

Executive coaching and advising helped clarify and sharpen this aspiring CEO’s leadership brand, communication skills and confidence, which he needed to succeed the current CEO.

Executive coaching and advising focused on:

  • Strengthening the self-confidence needed to lead a global, publicly traded company in a fiercely competitive market.
  • Leveraging a likeable personality with enhanced leadership presence through applying disciplined preparation for dynamic, cross-functional team meetings and inspiring keynote and media presentations to large audiences.
  • Communicating a compelling vision to scale the company through effective consensus building and story-telling with presentations to the CEO, Executive Team and Board of Directors.

In a life-changing career move, this leader chose to leave the safety of the company and start his own enterprise. He is now the Founder and CEO of a leading Silicon Valley start-up.


Promotion to President

As a founding member of a privately owned company, this highly trusted executive needed a rapid expansion of mastery when she was promoted to President. She had to leverage her current expertise and business acumen as well as expand her operational excellence to hold a position of company-wide influence on a predominantly male executive team.

Executive coaching and advising focused on:

  • Honing and crafting her leadership brand and messaging.
  • Clarifying strategic global initiatives to scale the company.
  • Leading a company-wide culture change.
  • Delivering compelling and influential presentations to investors, Senior Leadership and All Hands Meetings.
  • Strategic planning to launch new marketing initiatives and position the company to become a premier global consultancy.

The company has since re-positioned itself as a premier consultancy in their niche market. Employees identify the authenticity of the new President as a major reason for coming to and staying with the company. She is known for her integrity, vision, and caring for the people who do the work, as well as driving successful business outcomes.

Global Management Consulting

Mastering East-West Cross-cultural Effectiveness

As the leading sales person in the Asian region, this senior leader had regional expertise in the Asian markets. He had also been identified as a possible successor to the President of the Australasian Region.

Executive coaching and advising focused on:

  • Strengthening his confidence to present to English speaking CEOs.
  • By working in partnership with a language coach, supporting his rapid emergence from a culturally appropriate, reserved style to being a more forceful, competitive negotiator during high stakes presentations.
  • Developing powerful executive presence, audible presentation style and culturally appropriate behavior, which enabled him to deliver multi-million dollar sales pitches to CEOs from the United States, Canada and Australia.

By applying his strong work ethic, this leader of sales in Asia, mastered the nuances of presenting to Western leaders. Eventually, he was a candidate for the Australasian Region leadership role.

Developing High Potential Millennial Talent

Our coaching helped fast track the development, organizational impact, and advancement of a high potential corporate strategist and consultant with exceptional leadership talent. Over a 5-year period, we have been her strategic thought partner and trusted advisor.

Among the competencies developed:

  • Remaining calm under extreme pressure in high stakes situations.
  • Developing sustainable self-care to maintain health during intense extended work periods.
  • Becoming a masterful communicator who brings clarity, vision and compassion when delivering challenging as well as encouraging messages.
  • Strengthening resilience when overcoming barriers and disappointment.
  • Developing a legacy of expert, competent leaders who advance under her management.
  • Being a visionary leader who communicates a compelling future outcome and manifests it into reality.

She has rapidly risen as a national leader in her field of expertise, successfully developing leaders and strategies for bringing about culture change.

Global Management Consulting

Transformation of a Leader

A highly respected senior technology leader for a Global Fortune 500 company needed to learn effective interpersonal and communication skills in order to empower co-workers at all levels. Known as one of the top experts in his field, he needed to transform his leadership style, specifically developing emotional intelligence and effective communication strategies.

Executive coaching and advising focused on:

  • Learning new behaviors and techniques to manage anger and frustration.
  • Becoming a positive communicator who empowers others.
  • Re-balancing his personal and professional life.
  • Developing sustainable, healthy practices to manage and mitigate stress.
  • Shifting priorities to focus on interfacing with the company’s top global clients, while delegating hands-on program implementation to his team.

As a result of executive coaching and advising, this leader transformed his life and health, while strengthening his leadership skills. Our coaching started him on the journey of reaching a lifetime goal of losing significant weight and getting into top condition to run a marathon in mid-life. He has subsequently become a leader for health initiatives within his company and a major sponsor for one of its largest charity fund-raisers. He has remarked that our coaching helped save his life.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou

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“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. – PELE