About Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC

About Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC

Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC develops leaders who are agile, resilient and have sustainable business practices. As a result of working with us, they learn the transformational skills necessary to expertly guide their companies in today’s global marketplace. Our vision is to be a catalyst for transformation that benefits people and the environment. Our mission is to elevate purpose-driven leaders worldwide who can successfully compete in a fast-paced, constantly changing business environment.

  • We provide premiere leadership development for professionals around the globe
  • We help people bridge relationships across countries, continents and cultures
  • We cultivate trust, dialogue and understanding
  • We deploy an experienced, senior-level network of coaches and consultants worldwide who deliver superior service and results
  • We carefully select premier professionals, alliance partners and clients who are aligned with our vision

We work with companies across the globe

Eurous executive coaches and leadership consultants work with organizations in key business markets on six continents around the world, including: The Americas, Europe, Asia/India, the Middle East, Australia and Africa. Our Global Affiliates are located in Western and Eastern Europe, The Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and Eastern Africa. Each executive coach and leadership consultant is carefully chosen and matched to ensure that every client has the very best partner for his or her growth and development.

About Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC
About Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC
About Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC

Meaning of Logo and Name, “Eurous”:

The butterfly is an appropriate symbol for global leadership as it represents transformation, migration, taking flight and, in certain cultures, the personification of a person’s soul. The striking “Sixbar Swordtail” butterfly—scientific name Pazala Eurous—is native to India and China, two of the markets Eurous serves. The word “Eurous” is Latin for “eastern” and is the root word for “Europe.”  The multi-colored “wings” of the Eurous logo represent diversity of perspectives and experience spanning multiple continents and cultures.

Eurous Gives Back

Each year Alexandria Hilton, the founder, donates a percentage of the net profits of Eurous to charities that are aligned with our company values. Following are some of the organizations we support.

Worldreader, Kids for the Bay, World Wildlife Fund, Oceana, National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Medical Clown Project, Challenged Athletes Foundation and Disabilities Rights Advocates (DRA).

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“What does it mean to be promoted into a leadership position?
Frankly, it means we now have the authority to serve people in a special way.” –