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Alexandria Hilton, M.A., MCC - Founder & CEO

Alexandria Hilton, M.A., MCC – Eurous CEO & Founder

Alexandria Hilton is a global leadership coach, consultant, executive advisor and CEO of Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC. Alexandria is passionate about helping leaders live a life of purpose, making choices based on their values, “revealing the human masterpieces” that lie within every individual. She helps global leaders develop and leverage the high performance leadership skills they need to bring bold, innovative initiatives into their organization and shift its culture.

For more than twenty-five years, Alexandria has advised top performers around the world in a wide range of industries, whether they are members of a Board of Directors, C-level executives or senior executives. She specializes in global leadership development including: executive coaching, executive advising and influential communication to inspire action. Alexandria is often engaged to provide transitional executive advising and cultural change during times of company expansion, re-organization, mergers and acquisitions.

Unparalleled Expertise and Deep Commitment

Alexandria formed Eurous Global Leadership Group LLC with the vision of offering newly promoted or long-time leaders the skills and expertise they need to achieve maximum influence and impact in a fast-changing, global economy. She has hand selected every Eurous leadership coach and consultant for their unparalleled expertise, deep understanding of global issues, cross-cultural experience, and profound commitment to their clients’ success.

Alexandria personally matches new clients with the most beneficial member of her team, so that every leader can receive the personalized support most conducive to his or her goals for their growth and success. Four out of five of Alexandria’s clients receive promotions or rise to higher-level positions within a year. All clients have received improved performance evaluations as a result of Eurous Executive Leadership Programs.

Clients describe Alexandria as a visionary leader who is trustworthy, passionate and inspires top performance. As an endurance athlete, Alexandria has competed in marathons and triathlons. She has evolved her athletic training principles into leadership practices of agility, resilience and sustainability for vital transformational leaders.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has awarded Alexandria the highest credential, as a Master Certified Coach (MCC). She has coached clients in a wide variety of global organizations, including: Accenture, Gap Inc., Genentech, Informatica, Cisco Systems, Chiron/Novartis, and The Wharton School, San Francisco.

Alexandria and her husband are committed to preserving the environment. Their daughter is an avid environmental educator. Her passion is travel and learning about other cultures.  She co-authored, The Ultimate Guide to Global Giving: Your Key to a Better World, with a focus on inspiring readers to leave a lasting legacy through global giving.

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“I am a catalyst for individuals and organizations to discover their true purpose, while committing to be global leaders who do what is right for people and the environment. My intention is to reveal the “human masterpiece” within each individual, so they can discover how to leave a lasting legacy in their organization, community and family. To me, that is a life well lived!” – ALEXANDRIA HILTON